, Brisbane, CA

Founded in January 2000, is a subsidiary of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc and one of the biggest e-commerce organizations. The head quarter is on the San Francisco Peninsula near Silicon Valley.
Sales online through have increased year after year. Wal-Mart has definitely taken advantage of ecommerce. Ecommerce can be divided into several sections: web sites with catalogs and virtual storefronts, gathering of information to keep the site up-to-date, EDI or business-to-business exchange of information, use modern media to reach customers and prospects, business to business buying and selling, and the security of business transactions. Wal-Mart always manages to be one step ahead of the competition. The layout of their web site and easy navigation makes Wal-Mart’s web site easily accessible to all customers. Wal-Mart also gathers information from all demographics to better assist customers with everything. Wal-Mart also uses EDI and security to make sure that the customers’ information is not stolen. Wal-Mart seems to always stay ahead of the times by using the most modern and up-to-date ecommerce techniques.