Database Application Service

The Database Application Service includes building Database Driven Application using Oracle, MySQL database with PL/SQL, SQL, JAVA, JavaScript, AJAX and many web technologies.

Chococloud Database Application Service starts with Design with following considerations.

  1. Design for PerformanceThe key to database and application performance is design, not tuning. While tuning is quite valuable, it cannot make up for poor design. Your design must start with an efficient data model, well-defined performance goals and metrics, and a sensible benchmarking strategy. Otherwise, you will encounter problems during implementation, when no amount of tuning will produce the results that you could have obtained with good design. You might have to redesign the system later, despite having tuned the original poor design.
  2. Design for ScalabilityScalability is the ability of a system to perform well as its load increases. Load is a combination of number of data volumes, number of users, and other relevant factors. To design for scalability, you must use an effective benchmarking strategy, appropriate application development techniques (such as bind variables), and appropriate Oracle Database architectural features like shared server connections, clustering, partitioning, and parallel operations.
  3. Design for Extensibility
    Extensibility is the ease with which a database or database application accommodates future growth. The more extensible the database or application, the easier it is to add or change functionality with minimal impact on existing functionality.