Database Initiate Service

The Database Initiate Service includes installing database, configuring/tuning database,  and upgrading database. It is the very fist stage of using database for the business.

The Database Initiate Service follows the following steps : The steps recommended by Database Vendor

  1. Verifying Hardware Checklist for Database Installation
    • Confirm Server Make and Architecture
    • Check Runlevel, Display and Network Setup
    • Allocate Local Disk Space for Database Software
    • RAM (Random Access Memory)
    • Temporary Disk Space Allocation
    • Check Storage Hardware
  2. Verifying Operating System Checklist for Database Installation on the corresponding platform
    • Operating System
    • Database pre-installation Software for the platform
    • Kernel Parameters
  3. Verifying User Environment Configuration Checklist for Database Installation
    • Groups and Users
    • Configure the Database Software Owner Environment
  4. Verifying Server Environment Configuration Checklist for Database Installation
    • Mount Point Paths for the Software Binaries
    • Check Shared Memory File System Mount
  5. Verifying Storage and Recovery Checklist for Database Installation
    • Database Storage Option
    • Recovery Configuration
  6. Verifying Planning Checklist for Database Installation
    • Check Database Support Certification Matrix
  7. Instilling database following Database Vendor provided recommended steps
  8. Verifying Database working properly